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awww I\'m always late. No problem I enjoy just playing games aswell

I\'m very interested , I study at gymnasium and enjoy writting essays and have even won a compettition. You can give me a test assignment here or you can contact me via gmail or facebook which I will send you in a personal message if you reply to this comment. Thank you very much

MY favourite thing is spendable points , and I would like to see the GImerch (stickers and shirts)

Word to the statement above

Stop it , if its for GIPS your miserable...

Or like score \"le random score\" in also le random game like bloons , to win bloons GIvatar
Im a pool of ideas lol

baritone (GI) said:
I will add some dragonball and meme givatars

yay Awesomnes wears your name :cool:

Good idea ,I love it but id like "dragonball" themed GIvatar , and also "meme" themed GIvatar

scoobymew1 said:
oh i get it this is pretty cool but how do you get more gips i want some for my ptd and um these are really awesome i really like the link ones they are pretty cool *just trying to get gips* plus they are awesome anyways big improvements big ones:nod::nod::nod::nod::nod::nod::nod::nod::cool:

To earn GIPS you can: Comment games,play games,post a forum comment,solve achievments and do bonus offers like posting GI link on a page...

People never appreciate good stuff, Its a really fair price because all the achievments will bring enough GIPS for 12 SnD and there are also bonus GIPS,comment GIPS etc

Passed it , wasnt too easy , My tip is too use bullet time for just a second , instead of spending all of it at once

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