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¿where I get a pokemon with flash attack?

How do I get GIPS? The games don't load. But this site is cool

Hello SilentScreams!

Nice to see that there are still people new members joining and having a good time, despite GI's problems. Also glad to know you're already aware of the issues. That way, I don't have to be a bearer of bad news.

Ahh... i hope Baritone finds a way...

Uhhh.. I'm pretty much new here, despite the fact that "GI is dead".
I'm here often and yes I'm friendly.

I've only started for like a few weeks ago and GI relieves stress for me. hope GI gets more attention.

Because of the MochiMedia shutdown (read more about it here), we can't submit our scores anymore. Therefore achievements also don't work right now.
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Check out this page. It states all the different things you can do to earn GIPS and how many you earn doing them. They should all still work, aside from earning achievements.

how to submit score????


Hello Blue Gamer and welcome to GI!

I'd say 'I hope you'll have fun', but it sounds like you already have.

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