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Hello Blue Gamer and welcome to GI!

I'd say 'I hope you'll have fun', but it sounds like you already have.

Hello everyone! Thank you for letting me play some games that I liked to play

If you can play a game on a platform (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.), you can earn GIPS. However, it is possible that some games only work on PC. You'd have to try to find out.

To earn GIPS or play games, do u need to be on a PC?

co4min said:
i have 3 shiny horseea / who want to trade with me


i have a entei (lvl 50 and from the hacked version) its trade code is: 1596c207082683. and my trainer code is: 9501941
i really hope to someone to trade me

This game is great and fun

I think it is a good idea.

i love this game

Hello diy123 and welcome to GI.

If you came here for SnD coins, you should maybe read through this topic:
Mochi Media shutdown

The short version of it is, that we can't submit our scores right now and therefore we are NOT able to earn Achievements right now. This makes earning GIPS much harder. Also, at the moment SnD coins restock very infrequently.

But well, I hope that you still have fun here

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