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Looking around this site again's been fun (still good games) but also kinda sad remembering how big it used to be and how much of a huge friendly competition it (mostly) was. Anyway, this is a place for suggestions, right? Anyone know anything that could replace mochimedia?

Maybe you should somehow make a system program so coins are only available to people who never bought any coins or have bought a low number of coins. it would probably take a while, but if you could do it, it would make GI more fair

Because of the MochiMedia shutdown (read more about it here), we can't submit our scores anymore. Therefore achievements also don't work right now.
© 2015 ger80

Check out this page. It states all the different things you can do to earn GIPS and how many you earn doing them. They should all still work, aside from earning achievements.

how do you get gips?????

i used 5 shiny electric pokemon and one normal and i get a normal zapdos

i have 3 shiny horseea / who want to trade with me

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Hello asdasdax12 and welcome to GI.

If you came here for SnD coins, you should maybe read through this topic:
Mochi Media shutdown

The short version of it is, that we can't submit our scores right now and therefore we are NOT able to earn Achievements right now. This makes earning GIPS much harder. Also, at the moment SnD coins restock very infrequently.

But well, I hope that you still have fun here

© 2015 ger80

I came for free snd coins'

I will trade shinny omnimyte, shiny kabutops, shadow aradactyel, shiny pigeot, shiny vioplume, and shiny hitmonlee!

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