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It's OK. Yeah, I'm going to wait until kees2181 replies and if he wants to trade then I will probably direct him to the Pokemon Center.

I'm really surprised. The Clan is the most expensive thing in the Shop right now. The people who don't have enough GIPS should enter if they want a clan. But then again, it will be easier for baritone to decide who he should give the clan to.

Trust me, The Hunger Games is an awesome movie.


A shiny Venomoth and a Shiny Kadabra which I just caught today.

Wow, I can't believe that not many people want to get a free clan. I guess we don't have much competition and best of luck to everyone.

Do you want a Shiny Machamp, Shiny Golbat, Shiny Tentacruel, Shiny Electrode,or a Shiny Staryu?

OK, so what do you want for it? And BTW do you have any of the other Pokemon I listed?

Before beating the Elite Four, I'm pretty sure it is impossible to catch a Mewtwo in the wild. If you want to trade, I have a Mewtwo I could give you. Just make it a fair trade.

The Elite Four are kinda hard to beat. You just have to put and move Pokemon around to attack any Pokemon that is coming from a certain area. Take advantage of the types they use. If you still can't beat them then watch the walkthrough on Youtube.

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