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ger80 said:
Ok, but then I have another question. will it also be necessary, that those who joined a challenge will need to have a score in the game. Otherwise only 1 could play the game to keep the total score low.

Oh, you are right, I didn't even think about this yet! I will make it so that when a Challenge ends, a Clan will be disqualified if not all its players in the Challenge have submitted a score.

That's because my Clan doesn't have members but me

Other Clans should always fill in with the max player limit to win!

kpwbo said:
Are Clan Challenges going to cost GIPS for each clan (and the winner will receive GIPS) ? If so, the paid GIPS and the prize GIPS could be shown in the Details section of each challenge.

I also had the same problem as ger80.

Those are all things I'm thinking about. There probably will be a small entry cost for Clans. Which means that to have the high challenges stats, a clan needs GIPS and good players. I'm still thinking about all those details and any suggestions are appreciated!

I will look into the problem with the two games not submitting. Thanks!

Don't worry, all your concerns are things I'm working on. I just went to sleep yesterday before finishing those things!

When you clicked the Join button, did a popup appear for you to confirm joining? If so, clicking yes or ok would have blocked the join button from being clicked again.

The problem in posting is caused when an = sign is placed between two digits. I am pretty sure this is a security measure to prevent attacks to the database.

Oh, for funnykid7000, it is because I manually edited the database and probably forgot to remove him from other clan requests. Usually, it should work the way you mentioned.

I tried to post something in the topic and it worked without any problem. When this happens, I would refresh the page and make sure it has finished loading completely. I can't help more for now with that information, but the problem happened to me in the past, although only a few times.

kpwbo said:
(oh my ! baritone double posted ! lol)

I have a question about the Clan Challenges. Do previous scores count or only the ones that were made in the given time ?

Only new scores for this challenges will count, that goes by itself. I am building a system for this.

Currently working on Clan Challenges. You can see a preview of an active Challenge on GI clan page.

Completion of the feature : 80%
- Create a new Challenge - DONE
- Accept/Decline and browse active challenges (Clan leader and co-leader) - DONE
- Join a Challenge - DONE
- Challenge highscore tables and score submission DONE
- Automatically declare winning clan at the end of a challenge and update clan challenge stats

Since the beginning of GI, weekly newsletters have always been something I was really wanting to bring forward. Unfortunately, in my early attempts to send newsletters to all members, it would make the server crash. I would need to build a more optimized way of sending mass emails to users.

By the way, I am currently working on Clan Challenges (Battles). About 33% are done

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