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In ptd1 or 2??
shortypikachu said:
catching shinies is really hard

Sweet! go earn more!
shortypikachu said:
i got 30 GIPS for playing games today

Games like blob tower defence, hack slash crawl isnt too hard

u can trade from ptd1 to ptd2 now. i'll offer ptd1 pokes for shiny senret.

I have gible
shortypikachu said:
anyone have a male luvdisc?

Well, try xat chats ppl trade there or ask ger
shortypikachu said:
could i get a male luvdisc there?

U can trade ptd1 to ptd2 now
shortypikachu said:
oh there ive tried there but noone would trade

Idk, u can now trade from ptd1 to ptd2 i want some ptd2 shinys

Wb funnykid ^^

Are those hand drawn?

lennert123 said:
If i see something magnificant like that, i want at least telll it

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