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I just made me win for testing. I will fix it now

Everything can now see and click 'Challenges' in the clan submenu and access the 'Clan Challenges' page.

So I've continued working on Clan Challenges. Everything is pretty much functional right now. Known bug: When a clan has more than one challenge on the same game against different clans.

You can check a Clan page as well as the Clan Challenges page to see the some of the updates I've made. Up to 15 minutes after a challenge ends, the winning clan is determined and its challenge stats are updated accordingly. If a challenge has not been played by the required amount of players, the clan is disqualified and it counts as a lost. If both clans have not formed a sufficient team, it's a draw.

The default active challenges limit for any clan is 3. There will be clan upgrades to increase that limit

There will also most probably be some challenge cost/rewards options upon setting up a challenge.

Any clan member can visit the 'Clan Challenges' page, but only leaders and co-leaders can accept/decline requests.

I'll still be tweaking the design of some things. As always, let me know any bugs, ideas and questions!

P.S.: I will also soon be deleting past Challenges that were finished prior to everything being well coded. All of them were 'draws' since none had the required amount of players on both teams.

I just fixed all of that. Should not be able anymore to add more members when the clan limit is reached.

Since GI is now running on better servers that can handle a lot more activity than before, the chatrooms in the bottom chat bar have been re-enabled. You now also have the ability to see past Announcements, GI Facebook page, Share page options as well as to change your chat status and sound/popup notification preferences.

WhiteStarLegn said:
Hey ive got an issue , i cannot make challenges between clans , because when i select CHOOSE GAME , it doesn't appears anything , making it impossible to challenge any clan , i tried with all clans but i could not , can you fix that baritone?

Has been fixed. Thanks for letting me know!


Hello guys!

Most of you probably saw that GI disappeared for the past 24 hours. Well, everything is now back to normal... and BETTER!

I just moved GameInterlude to a new and more powerful server that has is no way comparable to the old server. So everything should be faster and free(er) of server bugs. It will probably also diminish the occurrence of mochi highscore submission errors, forum posting errors and many other little things. The chat might also operate noticeably faster and without sometimes having your messages not sending. Well, you get the idea, everything from now on will work better!

Something BIG is coming for GameInterlude and it will start in the next days! Be ready to welcome THOUSANDS of new players on GI every day! Yes, that's right! GI should gain a huge burst of activity. How is that possible? Well, a special partnership is behind all this and the next weeks and months will tell if it will be there to last!

Be welcoming and nice with all those new players. I'm counting on all of you

ger80 said:
I can only agree with kpwbo. My old highscore in Binga was 201. Yesterday I managed to improve my score a bit (197). The 197 appeared in the normal GI-leaderboard (so probably no lagging), but not in the challenge section.

There are also some other questions, what will happen with finished challenges? 2 of our challenges ended now, but are still shown on the clan page. You also mentioned before, that challenges will cost gips from the clan bank. How many Gips will a clan need to enter a challenge and how high will the rewards be if you win a challenge?

Binga issue has been fixed. It was isolated and shouldn't happen again.

What happens when a challenge ends is next on the list!

Ximaxtron said:
Great Idea but are you going to pay every month , week to the leaders and if you do how much per active clan?

Right now, it would probably be only 1 coin per week per active clan.

Hi GI!

I just had an idea and would like to know what you think about it.

I would like to give active Clans a few SnD coins every week or month. Clan leaders would be able to give those SnD coins to the member(s) of their choice, either as a reward for being active in the Clan, contributing to the Clan's bank or as a prize for an event/contest they host.

How does that sounds?

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