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Thanks, but I don't need it. The PTD Mystery Gifts are over now. Missingno. was the last Mystery Gift. And the PTD 2 Mystery Gifts are posted by Garrus and me on the comments where you play PTD 2.

Welcome to GI, Daniel12!

Yeah, maybe. But I don't have many common Shiny Pokemon. I have pretty rare Pokemon that I don't want to give out. And for the Pokemon RPG, I think that's a great idea. But what about the Champion? Can it be me? :3 XD For Gym Leaders, I think they should have 3 Pokemon each. And also, gyms should be made so that it is hard to get to the Gym Leader.


There is already a thread for this. Lots of people beat all the levels. They won't need any help. Why did you make this thread?

OK. If you are, just ask. All the levels were easy to beat. I played every level once, except for the routes, where I needed to catch Pokemon. I can give you some Pokemon if you need it to beat the levels.

How is that possible? Did you type my name in correctly? It's PKMN Champion.

Um... maybe. But I think we should add gym leaders, Elite Four, and a Champion. We should also make up a region for this RPG game.

Whoa, you've posted a lot of posts since I last got on. O.O

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