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Howdy there, stranger. ^^ xD

So... why is this in the trash? xD

I don't use most of my pokemon, so I'll probably use this section a lot. xD


Free shiny snorlax: 14fa1be9eb8d4f
First to offer gets it. ^^

Ok, it's gone. xD

Hey guys, this is just kind of a heads up for a later contest. When the clan feature is released, I'm going to do a contest. I'm not quite sure what about, yet. xD I'll give away two of each of the shadow dogs. I'll also add a few rare shinies and if I get anybody else donates pokemon, I'll add that to the prize. ^^

Oh, and don't forget to try Elyse's contest. ^^

381... maybe. xD


I\'m good at baseball or soccer and I... guess I\'m not too bad at basketball. xD I really like watching pro football (Go Packers! xD) and college basketball.

363. I almost forgot what came after 362. xDD

My favorite form of art is music (playing music, that is) and photography is my second favorite. ^^

noplo said:
Garrus i shal crush the other clans for you with the power force

Good. xD

And welcome aboard, Kakuna, irtehmrepic, danrulz and Jazzhands. ^^

Mr.Camacho said:
I think Clan War should be cool. This thread belongs to ALL CLANS! Only Mr. Camacho and Garrus and DragonETE can edit this thread.

So let go more in detail. This is the place where Clan leaders and Clan leaders ONLY make contest for all clans to partipate.

Garrus, can you make a Thread in here saying... \"Clans LeaderBoard\"

I can\'t make a thread inside of a thread. We can just post the scores like my clan does already.

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