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its possible now so stuff like ratata pigey useless now...
shortypikachu said:
i have just a shiny sentret but i also have shadow pidgey,hoppip,sentret and rattata oh and sam made an announcement that soon hes gonna make trading from ptd into ptd2 possible

U can only use once lols.
shortypikachu said:
good you should use the code a lot cause a lot of people will be wanting one when the mystery gift ends

i'll trade for them.
shortypikachu said:
i have a sentet and shadow hoppip,sentret,rattata,and pidgey

Wanna trade for ptd1 pokes?

Breeding shinys are hard....
shortypikachu said:
im gonna breed it and get more shiny cydaquils to trade for the other two shiny starters

what version??
shortypikachu said:
its a diffrent version the one were the shiny charmander was a mystery gift

Tell me when u do
shortypikachu said:
no not yet

Hard to chat here bud, use pm.
shortypikachu said:
just chat here

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