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CROE79 said:
Hey guys, just put my shadow Victini up for trade so give me your best offer
my name is CROE 79 and the TradeID is (14f17967a7bcfd)

lucky !!!
how did u get the shadow victini?

lollersox said:
Been like 2 weeks and I finally have like 75% of the shinies in the game. Still a long ways to go though.

thats alot xDD
congrats ^-^
good lucky on finishing collecting them

jamaela18 said:
Since the game keeps being updated, it currently isnt finishe. So, you cant complete an unfinished game.

i meant how long did it take u to finish the version u started with

rodge said:
I\'ve been playing this game now for like 8 month and still dont have all the pokemon, i\'ve got all the legendarys though apart from shadow mew and shadow victini.
i dont mean collecting all the pokemon xDD
i just mean the game part

nice signature ^-^

im actually using tha chat for ptd xDD

i think most of us came foe ptd xDD

there were only like 900 mombers here like a week ago and now its 1700 xDD

aww i didnt win xDD
oh well
hope theres a new contest comming soon ^-^

btw congrats to all the winners ^-^
lucky ppl up there xDD

i think its unfair to do -1

i think most of us are too lazy to start our own site xDD

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