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flyingsquirre said:
Do you have to be part of the clan to join the contest?i tried to join but it was full D:

Yeah, those ten spots filled up pretty quickly. xD I\'ll get more as soon as possible but if you\'re planning on joining later, you can do the contest.

Shizu_Elk said:
uuuuuuuuuuuu nice choice of game *Evil laugh* >:3 hehehe

Yush, your evilness has spread to me. ^^ xD And not surprisingly, I forgot a date for this contest to be over. It will end on June 10th but I will give out the prizes on the 13th. I\'ll be out of town from the 6th - 13th.

Ok, we've hit 10 people (the maximum possible people in a clan), so I'll try to upgrade the clan to have more people as soon as it is possible. Thanks. ^^

Ok, now... here's my contest that I promised for when the clan started. It's pretty simple, especially compared to my usual contests. xD Just get the highest score on Necrorun.

First Place: Two shadow legendaries, one shiny legendary, and three other non-legendary shadow pokemon in my account.

Second Place: Two shadow legendaries and one shiny legendary of your choice.

Third Place: One shadow legendary and a shiny legendary of your choice.

Fourth Place: One shadow legendary and three non-legendary shadow pokemon in my account of your choice.

Fifth Place: One shadow legendary.

The last day for the contest is June 10th but prizes will be given out June 13th.

Good luck, guys and gals. ^^

Cool, I got my clan. ^^ It looks great, Baritone. It would be nice to be able to have more members, but no rush. Enjoy the time off. ^^

Hey guys, I finally bought the clan, so you can join now. It's been a long wait, but it will be worth it. ^^ I need two open spots for the people I plan to make officers and there's only a maximum of ten spots at the moment. (Those two people are Kate (Shizu_Elk) and Uchiha in case you're wondering. xD) Oh, also GaryDos, but I haven't seen him, so we'll see I guess. xD I'm sorry if you can't immediately join, but as soon as clans are able to be expanded, I will do so. Thanks, guys and gals. ^^

Thread shut down by request of its creator. Sorry guys.

buhloo said:
I made an offer on the Snorlax. Not sure if I was the first, but I hope so

Yup, you were. xD I accepted. Enjoy. ^^

baritone (GI) said:
I don't know, maybe the font size and color changing were not working before and I was finding this thread weird

Works for me. xDD

At least it's been moved out of the trash now. xD

Hey, welcome to GI. If you have any questions or just want to talk, don\'t be afraid to send me a friend request. ^^

Hey, welcome to GI. If you need any help, don\'t hesitate to ask. ^^

And kate... this is the home of the Big Mac. xD

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