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when u overtaking lenny probs?
funnykid7000 said:
your rude lennert i posted that one month arfter i joined game interlude

thanks for the tip ger how do u do it tho?
ger80 said:
Not only starters, from Bulbasur till Arbok (#1-#24) you can trade now. i only wonder why you couldnt trade gastly or jigglypuff since they also exist in ptd2 already.

Well i think clan price should be increased so theres more competition for clan places. and maybe we could have gips reward for members of top clans.

well i kinda think clan price should be increased.



Heard u can only xfer starters atm..
shortypikachu said:
please someone help i traded my good pokemon from ptd to ptd2 and i cant find them someone tell me where to go?

Any new ptd1 pokes for tradE??

get shadow pigeys and trade for other's shadow pigeys lol.
shortypikachu said:
noone wants to trade with me

thanks for it ^^
shortypikachu said:
yes it is

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