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I've applied a temporary fix. Urls are not as pretty as they could be when you switch page, but it does the trick.

That's probably it. I will gladly add a loss to my clan!

When the two clans are disqualified, it doesn't count as a draw or lost.

I will delete those two old challenges!

Composer said:
Yeah like ger80 said, maybe as an addition, you can try to be active in the PTD1 and 2 chatbox. I know a lot of players started playing on GI cause they were on playing PTD on the website. If you be friendly there, and can convince them that GI doesn´t only give them the opportunity to get free SND´s but also is a great community, you might find some active players.

That's a great way of getting new players on GI!

I just added the option for 2 vs 2, as well as 2 days challenge and 4 days challenge (replacing the 3 days challenge).

It's actually 9-8 when I look at all Clans. I'll search for the mistake.

I've noticed that too but I have no idea why. I could look into it, but it might take time, so I won't make this a priority.

Thanks for letting me know!

On profiles pages, rankings are just fine since banned accounts are not counted. So all players ranked 12 and up are correct, even though WhiteStar still has the rank 12th on his profile. The player after him on the members page is also ranked 12th. On the members page, banned players are still displayed, but since on profiles the rank is accurate, I didn't think it was an issue!

You guys should try this out for fun :

I just did it and surprisingly, it tells me I have perfect color vision!

There are many color tests out there, including those optometrists usually do. Those are the ones you wanna try if you wanna detect color blindness (daltonism).

WhiteStarLegn said:
this is a thread for the newspapper and not people who had quit

If people want to make a section in the newspaper for people who left GI or came back, I think it's a great idea.

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