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I'm scared. XD JK Anyways, can people use the Nidoran example? XD

Yeah, the four questions for the mini-contest are a great start! I can't think of any names. Maybe Nomekop (which is Pokemon backwards), or, this might sound pathetic, the World Region. XD

Post you pic when you have it. Otherwise don't post anything else on this topic. We're getting too off-topic.

Ati said:
What's your problem? At least we are posting on right topic, we aren't using others threads for chatting. You are the one who is ALWAYS complaining, geez. You aren't a mod, but you're definitely trying to act like one. Could you stop doing that? I'm not sure if I'm annoyed because you ARE annoying or because I have my days, but I don't care. Stop acting like you are better than everyone else.


He did that to me WAY before you came. Now you know how I feel. O.O
chrizzel28 said:
Ati, he's complaining because he knows what he's doing, and if someone wants to express his worries, let him or her, don't be such a baby. Oh, and we all know he's not better than everybody else, but you've certainly proven he's better than you.

My word is: ignorance

Chrizzel, no one is better than anyone. He's been expressing how he feels for months now. Can't he just take a break? O.O

My word is: Uneducated

Wii U doesn't have good reviews from customers. They say the technology is old and not as good as they hoped. O.O

How would you know? You always guess on why I did something or what I do. Most of the time, you fail! Because you got it all wrong! So please stop.

That's no reason to make a thread! You can get GIPS by getting achievements.

Yes, that post was really helpful. I got tons of Mewtwo and Mew now. Though I wonder if Shiny/Shadow Mew and Mewtwo could appear in the Unknown Dungeon.

The Elite Four Black Screen fix is for people who don't even want to try and battle the Elite Four, and for people who can't beat the Elite Four. I didn't use it because the Elite Four were easy, but not too easy.

I know that it's counting in Spanish at the end of the three birds' names. And also know that they spelled Snake and Kobra backwards to make Ekans and Arbok. And I got my own birds now.

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