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Gohan13 said:
Hi domdom09

Welcome to GI If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

PS: Your forum signature reminds me of my friend xD *can't stop laughing* xD

@Garrus you were faster than me O.O

Just barely, but you'll probably get me next time. xDD Usually I don't post on these things until a few days after they start because I'm so busy talking to people that I forget. I forget quite a bit of stuff. xD For some reason, most of my usual friends are hiding somewhere, so I've been trying to keep myself from dying of boredom. xDD

And 'ello Violet. ^^ If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask me.

Howdy. Nice to meet you. (Nice forum signature, by the way. xD) If you have any questions or need help, just ask me. Welcome to Game Interlude. ^^

643... maybe? I only know how to count to 1.

I\'m going to start posting random Spiderman memes every time I post in here. xD

Composer said:
Hey welcome back Garrus!

And i got 4th place if i am right. So can i leave a offer also? or 1st the 3 other winners ?

Oh, go ahead and offer. ^^ I should easily have enough pokemon to cover what the other winners want... I think. xD

Sure, go ahead and offer. Congrats. ^^

justforfun said:
621... nice avatar garrus


You, too. xD It won\'t stay this way for long, though. I get bored of having the same avatar very quickly. xD

justforfun said:
619 ... That must be a new verb... what is ninja\'d?
And... who is magik?

I... have no idea. xDD

All I have to say to you is pfft, kate. xD Making me read unnecessarily on summer vacation... xDD


I'm back. Looks like you guys didn't make too big of a mess of the place while I was gone. xD For your prizes, winners, look up my PTD account and make offers on the pokemon you want. My TAN is Garrus. (Be sure to tell me your TAN so I know who you are.) The people who placed the highest will get to choose the pokemon they want first. By the way... don't thank me for the contest, thank kate (Shizu_Elk). ^^ Most of these are her pokemon.

Thanks. ^^

justforfun said:
May I participate?

Sure, why not? ^^

GuGuZai said:
[quote=Garrus]Ok, we\'ve hit 10 people (the maximum possible people in a clan), so I\'ll try to upgrade the clan to have more people as soon as it is possible. Thanks. ^^

Ok, now... here\'s my contest that I promised for when the clan started. It\'s pretty simple, especially compared to my usual contests. xD Just get the highest score on Necrorun.

First Place: Two shadow legendaries, one shiny legendary, and three other non-legendary shadow pokemon in my account.

Second Place: Two shadow legendaries and one shiny legendary of your choice.

Third Place: One shadow legendary and a shiny legendary of your choice.

Fourth Place: One shadow legendary and three non-legendary shadow pokemon in my account of your choice.

Fifth Place: One shadow legendary.

Good luck, guys and gals. ^^

when is the due date?[/quote]

Oh, I put it on a later post but I edited it into the contest post. It\'s June 10th.

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