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I want the gold 1 but it cost so many GIPS..

150 GIPS.
shortypikachu said:
how much GIP does 1 SnDs coin cost?

lol whats that?

Whos leading?

dibbles game is not hard at all but it just take so much time to get all achievements

Took me 5hrs for each dribbles...

Yeah.. kinda sucks especially
lennert123 said:
Just a little bug as you have with so many games, sometimes it submits and shows the score and sometimes it doesn't, just like in games Short History of the world and JetPack Man

when they're hard to get..

150 GIPS bud.
shortypikachu said:
how much GIPs is 1 Snd coin?

150 GIPS = 1 snd.
shortypikachu said:
how many GIPS do you need to get 1 SnD coin?

how long ago were snds last restocked?

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