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OK, that's good. Maybe Ati will give you your prize sometime.

Stop. Just stop. It's getting really annoying, so please stop.

I tried, I really did. Things got better for a while. Now I think it's starting back up again. I'm not lying and he thinks I am. I'm not pretending and he thinks I am. What am I lying about and what am I pretending about?

LOL OK. But is Shiny Mewtwo rarer to find in the wild than any other shiny Pokemon?

You have gotta be kidding. STOP POSTING SHORT POSTS LIKE LOL! Seriously, it's getting really annoying.

OMG Stop posting posts like lol. It's really annoying!

OK. So what do you want for them? And why did you post in a thread that hasn't been posted in for a week? Next time please post in recent threads. I hate it when someone tries to revive an old thread. >.<

Yeah, we do. I think they should answer all questions just to get one Pokemon. And for names for our region, if you have any ideas, I'd be glad to hear them. Well, I have some ideas for names.
Nomekop Region
World Region
Pokemon Region
Ishisu Region (just some random name that I made up)
Horaos Region (again, just some random name that I made up)
I just randomly type letters and see if they actually are pronounce-able if you say it out loud. XD

I've been trying to ignore it, but it's getting on my nerves. People can express their feelings, I certainly don't care if they do, but he's criticizing and he has been doing it for months now. He's tired of all this "spamming" and I'm tired of him criticizing. And I've been trying to say something about it in a normal way, but that has changed now.


OK, but these people who made the customer reviews bought the Wii U the first day they came out. Their expectations were probably high but then they got less than they expected. I wish I could say they are haters, but sadly, they know what they're talking about. I wanted a Wii U as well, and I could easily afford one, or maybe two, just to give as a Christmas present, but when I saw the customer reviews, they said Wii U technology is old and if you already have a Wii and you were thinking about buying a Wii U, don't bother spend money. I remember my dad woke up early and waited in line to buy a Wii the first day it came out. It was sold out in the first hour or so. Now, in stores, there are still a couple of Wii U's that have been sitting around for days. That's because no one buys them.

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