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Shizu_Elk said:
[quote=pokemon999]Now Kate, don\'t go starting silly conversations again. xDD

But I\'m all about being Silly xDD[/quote]

I know that\'s the truth. ^^ And are you all just trying to create more work for me? xD Double posting... pfft. xDD

And you can have a few things in my account, shadowmewy. I gave away a lot of my good stuff, but you\'re welcome to anything else that\'s not a legendary.

Andriu said:
Hello, I am a new member to this website.I\'ll appreciate if someone wold reply to this thread.
If I may ask, what is the difference between GIPS to spend and GIPS which i got for playing some games

I saw you on one of the other new member topics, but hi again. xD

Andriu said:
Hi! I\'m new to but and to tell the truth even i joined for the SnD coins but even in a day this place is getting to be fun!

Howdy. I can understand that. xD If you have any questions, don\'t hesitate to ask.

Oh, and any of the new people can add me as a friend if they want. ^^

Hi, new people. If you have any questions, don\'t hesitate to ask me.

Shizu_Elk said:
*725 > said:

I Intentionally Put the wrong number xDD I\'m.. Evil >:3

[quote=Garrus]Jeez, do you guys not know how to count? xDD

737... hopefully. xD

xDD I messed a bunch of people up... mission accomplished xD

Btw I am also getting married although the Date is pretty far off xD in December 10th .. also this is Old news xDD

Oh almost forgot 739 >:3

I\'m not quite sure what to do here... 739 again? xDD

Jeez, do you guys not know how to count? xDD

737... hopefully. xD

Coffee? O.O Did you say Coffee? Coffee?! Coffee?! Coffeeee!! (Spongebob quote that\'s slightly modified) xDD

Fun fact: Much of Spongebob\'s demographic is 16 or older. (Including me.) xDD This is the photography forum and I haven\'t even posted a single picture here. xD

Shizu_Elk said:
[quote=justforfun]Oh my god, Kate... You are double posting. The end is approaching.

O.O That's weird. When I posted that it was only one post. I would have fixed it otherwise... which means my first post... had a Baby!!! :0 OMGSH!!!! And while I wasn't looking at that! >_>

My Question is .. Who impregnated my First post?!? :0

I'm Ultra Silly Today xDD[/quote]

*cough* Tony *cough* His posts are closest to yours. xDD Or it could have been Uchiha. That requires no explanation. xD It wasn't me... this time. xDD

The delete button on the clan works well. Thanks for fixing the bug with it. ^^

Have a great summer, too!

Gohan13 said:
@Garrus Camacho came yesterday and he accepted a request for our clan, he accpeted PokemonTD\'s request and now PokemonTD is member of DSC and GoG, i wonder if PokemonTD has left your clan???

Yeah, I saw that, too. I dunno and he hasn\'t been online in a while, so I\'ll straighten it out... eventually. I\'m feeling lazy right now, anyway. xD

@kate Hiding against your will... it\'s the perfect crime! (Spongebob quote) xDD

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