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third week won by kate again xDD

baritone (GI) said:
Click to enlarge!

lol this iz funni xxDD
did u make da comic?

lol xDD
u should leave da pedometer in there more often

Shizu_Elk said:
[quote=jabXIII]LOL sorry I asked for level cap raise! I look forward to having something to do every week and when there\'s not a new level or achievement I like to at least level up my various Pokemon squads. Sam already said we could break the lvl 100 barrier if he thinks its nessicary. Remember its only based loosely on the original Red and Blue, Sam can alter it however he wants including raising the level cap to 1000 if he wants to. ^^

i agree with ths id b boring for mi tu jus sam givs us time tu train our pkmn ..its sorta like busy wurk but if yu keep training it will make the next gym easier. su yur time spent will pay off ^^ besides most of mi pkmn r around 88 su id actually wud like tu b able tu lvl up further altho i thnk it shud stop at 100 ....anymor seems daunting @-@[/quote]

that really good 2 have most of ur poke around lv 88 xDD
i have likke 200+ pokes and most r like lv 20 something
alot most of mii shadow r like lv 1 xDD
<---- 2 lazy to lv up mii pokkes

ill try to win this >:3

darkvulpix77 said:
Regular. I know, not that great, but I don\'t have any shiny Tauros\'s. I do have a shiny pidgey, if you want it. I think it\'s level 23.

whats the shiny tauro\'s trading number?

bunnybunny][quote=jabXIII]I\'ve got some shinies and shadows for search player name \" said:

nice pokes xDD
what do u want for Shadow Lapras

jabXIII said:
I\'ve got some shinies and shadows for search player name \"Jab\", or via the trade ID\'s below!
Any questions can be sent by PM on this site. I\'ll accept or deny offers sent on the pokemon center. If you\'d prefer a pokemon to be at a different stage of it\'s evolution or a certain level I\'d be willing to level it or evolve it for you if the offer is right.

I prefer my pokemon pre-evolved, and submit shiny or shadow pokemon only please. (unless its one of the 3 beasts)

Shiny Charmander: 14f28ecdd74c96
Shiny Nidoran M: 14f1f232f58fab and 14f313087d83d0
Shiny Venonat: 14f0defb05cb12 and 14f2860e17885f
Shiny Ditto: 14f30e6c2ac43c
Shiny Rhyhorn: 14f31308e6aaa8
Shiny Paras: 14f336d1f258ab
Shiny Exeggcute: 14f336d857839e

Shadow Doduo: 14f2e3a1f696b0
Shadow Lapras: 14f25c1a882027
Shadow Hitmonlee: 14f30e5da1b2d1
Shadow Pinser: 14f30e6353afb5
Shadow Dratini: 14f30e63acd7a4
Shadow Ponyta!: 14f322740c98d9

lucky u have shadow ponyta xDD

aww i already have all of them >.<
nice pokes xDD

second week won by Uchiha™
*ppl kinda ignored me when i loged on >.<

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