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OK. I'll get started when I can. LOL and I like your forum signature. PSY IS AWESOME!

You're not new. You've been here for a while. This thread is not necessary.


Wow really? Did you really need to say that?

Exactly. I'm glad someone agrees with me!

I care. And other people care too. Getting achievements is the easiest way to earn GIPS. You could have a lot more than you have now if you got achievements. And also, some of them aren't even that hard.

You said that posting comments will make you disqualified. I never participated in this contest. Sorry about that.

LOL OK. Well, do you have any other suggestions for names for our region? And maybe we could start our Pokemon-RPG even though we don't have a region name.

@gohan13 When others spam, it's annoying. And I don't spam much anymore. If you really do pay attention (I'm almost certain you don't), my spams have gone down. But no, all you pay attention to is the spamming that's still going on. Tipo is worse than me. Even though he posts less, all his posts are short. Spam stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. My messages aren't stupid, they sometime aren't pointless, and they're annoying to you. They might be annoying to others but at least they keep it to themselves. You're the only one who openly criticizes me these days. And I said I will TRY to stop, not I WILL stop. I did try.
My word is: Honest

OK. I also realized that the Wii U is actually a mix of Wii and Nintendo DS and even more.

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