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joyojo700 said:
Hey angi are you willing to trade your legendaries and shadow mew?
only have one legendary left cause i traded all the other ones :/

i have some shadows in my account
look up angi for trade

look up angi for trade
feel free to offer ^^

look up angi
i may not have the ones u ask for but i have other shadows
i have shadow poliwag which u can trade into a jinx ^^

ty kate
ur always da best xDD

nooooo kate dont leave T^T

add me xDD
i wanna join :L

omg its a emo bulbesaur xDD
they should make da shadow bulbasaur look like that

Shizu_Elk said:
Inspired by bunnybunny\'s contest i too will hold a contest of my own.

The contest will be on Sundays. And the prize will change in rarity weekly.

The rules of the contest will also change weekly as to make it more interesting

Hall of Winners:

*Shadow Clefairy won by ?unknown? on 2-12-12

*Shiny Ratata won by o.o on 2-19-12

Prize for 2-26-12 Shiny Rhydon lvl 90<-- No GIPS requirement

Prize for 3-4-12 Shiny Tauros <-- Contestants must have at least 150 GIPS, the rules stated below are not for this pkmn. Rules for Shiny Tauros will be posted after Shiny Rhydon is won.This Prize has been posted in advance in order to allow a fair amount of time for people to obtain GIPS.

Rules for Shiny Rhydon :

Must answer my question correctly <-- The question will not be posted. It is a surprise :3 and it will be pkmn related! The question will be asked by me ( kate ) on 2-26-12 on PTD chat.

Must have a GI account <-- Proof will be requested

Must have a registered name on PTD chat <-- Must be logged on ...guests do not qualify

The first person to answer my question correctly while I ( kate ) am on the chat on Sunday wins.

Good Luck to you all.

how could u do this 2 me kate
y do u have to make mii work mii butt off for da gips >.<
i only have 123gips T^T
<--- sooo lazy

that pretty good

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