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No Regular, Game Corner, or Achievement Pokemon, please. Search A_SPaZ in the PTD Trading Center for more pokemon!

My account is A_SPaZ, if anyone's interested.

My account is A_SPaZ, just request anything if you see something. I\'ll look for it.

Most everything that is awesome is difficult. Making a gaming website, I can imagine, requires lots of determination, willpower and know how!

Ip Man 1 and 2 were both awesome! Pretty inspirational.

It\'s nice that you\'re doing this, baritone. How exactly do you verify people\'s accounts, anyways?

Machamp. I wanna see a real-life hundred crack fist xD

I agree with that. The refer system should either be fixed or taken off entirely.

What shinies do you have? I have a Shadow Dratini and Voltorb.

This is a really big problem. It\'s not like baritone has infinite resources. But if he takes down this feature of the store, site traffic may decrease by a considerable amount.

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