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That's a good name. I'll add it to the list of names.


Right now I'm wondering if Ati will make one for you too...

That's OK. You don't need to cry. Calm down.

I know. So many cheap trades. They're probably thinking, "Mewtwo is a legendary Pokemon so it must be rare." XD

So stop making useless threads or threads that become useless after a while. And stop posting about threads being useless. Those are just excuses to get GIPS. I know all the tricks because I once posted because I wanted GIPS. Now, I don't post just for GIPS.

OK, then no one should post on this thread after this post since you say this thread is useless. Please don't make anymore useless threads or threads that become useless after a while. If you really want to get GIPS, then you should just get achievements.

Even though it's Malcolm Style, it shouldn't be Malcolm Style. Reviving old threads just means that you want to get GIPS. If the last post of a thread is over a day or two ago, I say just leave it alone.

Question 3 means what Pokemon generation is your favorite? Generation I (Kanto), Generation II (Johto), Generation III (Hoenn), Generation IV (Sinnoh), or Generation V (Unova)?

Yes, I know. I'll get started as soon as I can.

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