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I'm just a little late in finding this thread. xD My favorite member... didn't have to think about that one for very long. The only person here who might be as crazy as I am... kate. *-* xDD

Hey, all you crazy new people. xD If you need any help or just want to talk, you can add me.

Enjoy Game Interlude. :3

1. Naps
2. Eating
3. Friends
4. Music
5. Video Games

I'll post this here in addition to the clan page. If you didn't get accepted yet, there might be more spots coming, eventually. So, don't forget to send a request if you're interested. I usually accept my friends first (or people I think are cool), then I go by the number of GIPS the person has. I'm going to do a contest soon (with pokemon as prizes) and members and those who have sent a request are welcome to join. ^^

If there's someone that I don't really know that hasn't been online for let's say... 4 months, I might replace them with a more active GI member. If they resend a request, I'll do my best to add them to the clan again. If you throw GIPS (even if it's only a few), you're guaranteed a permanent spot.

I like Game Interlude because there\'s so many games you can play here.

I\'d like for the site to get many more members. The Youtube videos that people made about the free SnD coins is what really started the increase in members. So, don\'t forget to tell your friends about GI. ^^

A very good idea, Chrizzel. (I know, I\'m kinda late in noticing this. xD) This would make it a lot easier for mods to perform their job and would get rid of any problems quickly. I\'ve noticed that some problems aren\'t reported, so I catch them rather late. And this would save me from a tidal wave of messages as well. xD

Just let me know if there\'s someone posting consecutively, guys, and I\'ll fix it. I\'m kinda busy recently, so I can\'t go through the forums as much as usual. Thanks. ^^

Jaden27 said:
I like to play PTD.Its a fun game.

I\'ll take that as a hello. xD Welcome to GI and if you have any questions, don\'t hesitate to ask. ^^

RED2 said:
[quote=dan]um when i try to make a clan it wont let me plz help
you need 2000 gips you only have 38[/quote]

Actually, it\'s only 750 now. That\'s still a good amount away from 38, though. xD

Sweet! Thanks baritone.

To my members: Add as many GIPS as you want to give, but there might be a nice prize for the people who contribute the most. Thanks in advance. ^^

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