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The Dark Side Clan

Come to the Dark Side. We have cookies!

I'll be making a clan known as "The Dark Side" when the feature is released. Our clan will be really fun and everybody will be treated equally. Don't be afraid to start contests or talk to people here.


* We'll be giving pokemon and free SnD coins in contests.

* I'll be earning a lot of GIPS soon, so our clan will be very strong.

* As a moderator, I can help with questions or problems you have. If you see any one causing problems on the chat, let me know. If you see any comments that should be deleted, let me know as well. Thanks. ^^

* Our group is going to be really popular and fun.

* I can try to work with baritone to set up fun events and giveaways for the clan.


* This is with any clan, but you'll have to earn GIPS to stay in the clan. There's probably going to be a 5-10 GIP tax every so often.

* Nothing else, we're that awesome.

* Respect others, especially those in the clan.

* Be active enough on Game Interlude to earn enough GIPS to pay the tax.

* Not a rule, but a suggestion: Add others in the clan to your friend's list. I want everyone to get along with each other.

* Any other rules for Game Interlude clans, of course.

Shizu_Elk, Uchiha, JabXII, AWESOME FREAK (Joe), Jamaela18, zacktzc, GaryDos, Fahim123123, Scorpion99, PhoNoodles, Cookie, bunnybunny, Zeb, PTDKakuna, irtehmrepic, danrulz, jazzhands, noplo, NitrogenSnow, ShinyPikachu3, PokemonTD (Unknown), Oxygen, GameFreakMoh, Clawz 2, GuGuZai, Spencer, Sonic49531, Chiken47, POKEGUY (Chary), and me.

-Thanks for reading and just say I am in if you want to join.
Refer to this if you have any questions.!!!/

I\'m definatly in dude.

[color=#6A0888]"You were weak when I found you. I did not expect you to survive y


The seel deserved it, kate. I\'m going to try to find a good picture for the clan and post it here to show everyone and get opinions.
Refer to this if you have any questions.!!!/

Shizu_Elk said:

[color=#6A0888]"You were weak when I found you. I did not expect you to survive y

add me xDD
i wanna join :L

Ok, so people that are joining for sure: Kate, Uchiha, o.o, Jab. Hopefully we'll have more fun people coming in.

Scorpion, Charizard, Unknown (PokemonTD), and GameFreak have joined. Welcome aboard!
Refer to this if you have any questions.!!!/

Mr.Camacho said:
Traders ....
Pfftt with me you get awesome pokemons ( better then Garrus .
Events ( better then Garrus ).
Snd! ( better then Garrus ).
Get to be the top clan ( I am sure I will, I am stacking up my Gips )( better then Garrus )

Why hestate join NOW!

I would try not to advertise your own clan in another Clan thread. Respect each other Thanks!

Uchiha\'s pokemon are pretty awesome. I\'m going to get many GIPS soon, so our clan will be large. I\'ll get some SnD coins with my GIPS to give away soon. And I have many ideas for fun events. This should be a fun fight between our clans. Good luck.
Refer to this if you have any questions.!!!/

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