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Looking for a co-leader

I am looking for a co-leader who can help me with running the DSC clan. Also players who aren't in DSC yet are free to apply for the job of the co-leader. If you are interested in helping me with running this clan, please send me a message with your motivation.

Out of all the applications I will make a top3, and let the community vote for the new co-leader!

Kind regards,

Ok, so DSC has 4 candidates to be the new co-leader. Let me know who you think that deserves to be the new co-leader!
The player with the most votes at the end of the week (voting will close at Sunday 0:00) will be the new co-leader of DSC!

i vote for ladd101

I have thinked it a lot of times and I think my vote goes to: ladd101
I love burrito bison games :3
====================And HRC of course====================

looks like ladd101 won

Well 8 hours left for voting!

edit: Nothing changed, ladd101 got the most votes of the community. He will be the new co-leader of DSC

Just wondering that no DSC member voted here for someone o_O
In my opinion only DSC members should have voted for their leader XD

Anyway gratz ladd101 and good luck in helping Composer to get DSC back to its old strengh
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Thank you everyone!

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