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A few suggestions for the Hero section

I am really looking forward to what this upcoming feature will bring. Personally I think it would be cool if it were made somewhat like the "arena" feature in Chrono Trigger. For those who do not know what that is, I will explain. You chose a "monster" from one of 4 elements (fire water etc.) and then train them and upgrade their stats, and depending on what stats you upgrade, it will change what they evolve into. Then you battle it, and earn rewards and gold. It would be awesome when you started with your hero, you chose a class. Some options I can think of are like archer, wizard, knight, etc. Each class has own strength's and weaknesses. As you upgrade, the hero grows stronger. Maybe if you upgrade knight's speed, he get's a horse. Or maybe the archer gets fire arrows. And many more options. I see there being 5 or so "levels" of evolution. The 1st being like just plain old knight, the 5th being "dragon slayer ______" or something.

Another idea is to somewhat merge the clan challenges with the whole "hero" idea. There would be, in addition to the clan challenges, "wars" where the clan's hero's fight. Maybe there could be many 1v1 fights, or maybe just one big one. With whatever hero you have and how you upgraded him, you would get "skills" which would help in battle. Maybe "give clan mates + 20 defence for 2 hours"
This whole "war" idea is larger, and so I feel that right now GI dozen't quite have the player-base for it yet.

I realize this is quite ambitious, but i feel that adding in "Hero" would be niche that GI needs to draw in more active players.

Say what you think of these ideas, and any suggestions.

i think i know whats game.i think it the monster legend game in acebook right?
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First of all the idea is incredible, the most I liked from all is that you have to merge the 'hero' thing with clan, It would look like more of a real clan than just a clan of people who earn points from achievements, commenting... etc.
Heroes should be able to invade other clans too, for example your 'death knight' goes to invade DSC or HRC, he deals damage to the castle but it's got his 'defense' and 'attack' points, and also something like this would bring more upgrades for clan's, like for example upgrading HP, defense, attack... Also if you successfully invaded a clan you could be able to steal from it GIPS and earn 'Honour' points, but of course, weak clans should have a newbie protection, which would involve 'clan levels' this whole idea will evolve GI, and will make it into a mix of Online game with website, the first website to have something like this!!
Also something great is that you should be able to unlock more classes when leveling up in GI!
Level 1-5 can only use 'peasant' (the title that all newbies get, and it would give more importance to the level titles)
Level 6 unlocks 'militia'
Level 11 unlocks 'soldier'
Level 16 unlocks 'magician'
Level 21 unlocks 'knight'
Level 26 unlocks 'king'
Level 31 unlocks 'emperor'
Level 36 unlocks 'demi-god'
Level 40-? unlocks '????'
this whole thing would cheer up people to try to get more gips and unlock new classes, you could also buy items for your hero and sell them for items, and of course, higher level classes should be somewhat stronger

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