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What's your favorite fire generation !

1 - Charmander
2 - Cyndaquil
3 - Torchiq
4 - Chimchar
5 - Tepig

My is Charmander !!!!

i like torchic and tepig for fighting/fire<3
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A little hard to choose just 1 :frown:
but I like Cyndauil, an torchic

1. Charmander
2. Torchic
3. Cyndaquil
4. Chimchar
5. Tepig
Refer to this if you have any questions.!!!/


For me this picture sums it up totally!!!

Then add Pignite.. Honestly what kinda name is that

Charizard is basically a dragon and you can\'t get much cooler than that
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Charmander easily- most pokemon from first generation beat the others though... It\'s unfair to the other 4 generations to have a competition

Charmeleon is one of my favoites. Not charmander or charizard. I dunno, Charmeleon\'s just got that cool name.

a question? charmander without a doubt. generation one had the best starters, but blaziken was pretty cool too
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chaizard is the best of all generation! :cool: number 1!

Charmander is my favorite

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