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What Starter Did You Pick For PTD 1 And 2

In ptd1 i choose charmander and in ptd2 i choose totodile

In PTD1, I picked Bulbasaur since its the easiest starter to use against the first two gyms. I was originally thinking of using Charmander as a challenge, but i change my mind and decided to go with Bulbasaur. I'm not saying Charmander is bad. Its just that its very popular choice of the Kanto starters.

In PTD2, I picked Totodile because Totodile has alot of good moves to use on many bosses in PTD2 and HG/SS such as Ice Fang, Crunch, Aqua Tail, and Waterfall since their both physical moves and Agility to boost its speed and it attacks faster. I decided to also use Cyndaquil since theres hardly any Fire types *with the exception of mystery gifts.* I hardly use Chikorita since its the most challenging choice in the game.

i'm pick a fire pokemon in all pokemons I already played. I love FIRE pokemon
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i chose both fire types becuase i love the fire type then i trade to get all three because i love all the starters of all generations

ptd 1 charmander and ptd 2 totodile

Look up frob for shinys and shadows trade if u play PTD 1!

Looking for shadow/shiny/reg legendary dogs! ALSO SHADOW VICTINIS!!
Offering a shiny suicune and some other pokemons for a shadow dog or shadow victini! pm me!


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