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What is your favorite/best Pokemon?

Strongest Tyranitar
My favorite is scyther(even though his moveset is pretty bad)

My favorite is Snorlax, 2nd would be Feraligatr.
My strongest on PTD would be either Snorlax, Golem

Its a rainbow legendary bird xD

I was very interested to find out what it was in that first episode of pokemon I watched however many years ago now..

When pokemon gold came out I was so happy to find that pokemon.. HO OH!!!
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Shiny Charizard looks the best, but I love Magneton. Only steel type in the game, plus the dual-type makes it really useful (i.e Fuschia Gym)

Blastoise, but for the Latest gym level, my venasaur with earthquake is coming in handy. Three golbats and a venasaur, all immune to poison, venausaur quake, and the golbats arent effected. feel free to use my strategy
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i love lapras,charizard,infernape.... awesome

agumon :cool::cool::cool::cool:

my favorite pkmn is dewgon but id settle for a seel lol ..i just really like water/ice types lol

Shiny Dragonairs are pretty cool! It\'s really hard to choose, actually.

on ptd it\'s my shiny charizard, in the actual games it\'s gallade, followed by deoxys.
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