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Pokemon In Real Life

Ozsmadja said:
haha i think i was took pikachu
You\'re kidding...

snorlax <3
its soo chubby *^*

i would choose a baby Raikou or a Deino

latias cuz latios is mean and mist ball kills people

TrnrUniverse said:
Probably Gallade. It has Psychic abilities, can teleport, is strong, and can use hypnosis. Looks cool, too!

heck yeah, gallade is a man\'s pokemon!
"Freedom cannot be forced on others. It must be earned for oneself." ~ IF Prototype LQ-84i

charmander and trained it

I would like to have a Mew because he can learn every move. That way I could fly to school, surf to another country, help me cutting my works, flash my room to save energy (and save the world at the same time :lol,... [one hour later of mentioning evey single move and usage for it]... and most importantly, use transform to turn into myself and solve my exams for me with his major intelligence.

I would like to have a snorlax
Dragons rule everything, humans rule nothing! You are humans, you will be destroyed! I have chosen the Dragon's side. RRRAAARR!!!!!!!

have a pikachu!
Look up frob for shinys and shadows trade if u play PTD 1!

Looking for shadow/shiny/reg legendary dogs! ALSO SHADOW VICTINIS!!
Offering a shiny suicune and some other pokemons for a shadow dog or shadow victini! pm me!


do you need a pikachu?

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