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favorite 5 games on gi

hey everyone what are your 5 favourite game on gi here are my favourite

1:wacky ballz jump

2:man in gap

3:hot air bloons

4:firebug 2


1. PTD
2. Plumet 2
3. Jetpack Man
4. Man in Gap
5. Necrorun 2.0

1) Electric Box 2

2) Civilizations Wars

3) Doodle Devil

4) Dibbles 2: Winter Woes

5) Atomic Puzzle 2
''The sleeper has awakened. I am the prince of all Saiyans once again!''


1) Knightmare tower
2) Moonlight
3) Tiny wizard
4) PTD
5) Crystal story
my pokemon center name is ultimate trader

cool you guyshave great favorite games that are on gi

I have more favorite games but can\'t really decide which one I like better. XD

that\'s ok you can just say five of your favourite game on gi

Yeah I know. But there\'s just so many good games!mg:

1. RPG Shooter: Starwish (Easily the best flash game out there, in my opinion. It has an amazing soundtrack, as well. It takes a while, but you should definitely give it a try if you like RPG's.)
2. Zombies, Inc. (Really fun zombie strategy game. :3)
3. Sonny 2 (It's playing style is similar to Final Fantasy, which I love.)
4. Rebuild (Another fun zombie strategy game... zombies rule. xD)
5. Hack Slash Crawl (No explanation needed, I hope. xD)
5. Hex Empire (Strategy games are always fun. :3)
6. Lab of the Dead (Very odd game compared to most here, but fun if you're not afraid of a little blood. xD)
7. PTD (Because... Pokemon. xDD)

And yush, I did do more than five... deal with it. xDD
Refer to this if you have any questions.!!!/

..I thought I posted here before... Apparently not ©^©

[align=center]1) Hack Slash Crawl
(Warewolf-Lightweilder... FTW xD)

2) Shmusicup
(It's an Aerial Shooter, You can play your own songs on it if you have the mp3 file :3)

3) Hex Empire
(A World Conquest Strategy Game... I Love this game :3)

4) Sushi Cat
(Extremely adorable )

5) Touch Chess
(...I like Chess x3)

Honorable Mentions:[i] PTD, RPG Shooter Starwish and Floodrunner 3

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