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Ultimate Team Help

i have been playing pokemon tower defence 2 for a while now, and i wanted to know, is my team really good? or not?
at the moment, i am trying to beat roark in the second round of the world tournament. on my team i have got (all at level 100):
mega Charizard x - fire, flying
Rhyperior - rock, ground
Salamence - dragon, flying
Greninja - water, dark
mega garchomp - dragon, ground
Aegislash - ghost, steel

is my team any good?
i think i may need a grass type, if so, who should i swap for one, and who should i add.

i will update this if it changes


my dream team is: charizard garchomp metagross noivern greninja & aegislash

You can always look on youtube how people beat the world tournament.
I say your team is good enough.

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