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your favourite game

Whoo! baritone added SMBC onto the site! I highly recommend playing it to those who haven\'t yet!

i\'ll go for skyward sword, though games like minecraft, pokemon and kirby are epic too.
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My favorite game would have to be Team Fortress 2. I love all the Zelda and Mario games, though. I also love Knights of the Old Republic and Empire at War (both star wars games).
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god of war, this is awesome , GOW 1,2,3...... coool :cool:

Super Smash Bros Brawl... It took what was great about SSBM, and put it on the gamecube (ok, it\'s a awefull console, but bare with me, it\'s on the cabinet next to me) and expanded it.

For me, I like any main series pokemon game. I\'ve got pokemon Emerald and FireRed, and im looking to buy soulsilver soon.

Assassins creed : Brotherhood is a beast game for PS3. but if you ment old school gaming the occarina of time for N64 is probably my favorite
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Paper Mario 1000 Year Door

Raiko, PM:TTYD is not my favorite, but is one of my favorites. The storyline isn\'t as nice as the first Paper Mario\'s, but the gameplay and controls were a lot better.

Final Fantasy 7 ....

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