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Your favorite video game character

The main character from the pokemon game series, that was my childhood
As well as Mario an Luigi

ezio auditore da firenze
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i guess dark link and galacta knight, though it\'s really hard to make a good decision when there are so much characters to choose from.
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imjeffy98 said:
ezio auditore da firenze

Who\'s that?

pukahuntus said:
[quote=imjeffy98]ezio auditore da firenze

Who\'s that?[/quote]

I believe the guy from Assassin\'s Creed.
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It's always a pleasure.

such.. hard decisions... darth revan, ash, nathan drake, kratos, ezio, link, mario, samus, jim raynor. all so great
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What! Nobody likes Mega Man or Street Fighter? Where are the Capcom protagonists? Rock Man, Proto Man, Zero, Ryu, Ken, Guile...too many to list!

Can\'t go wrong with Mario, but Zero Suit Samus gets my attention :cool:

kratos !!!! for god of war

super mario bros! :nod:mg:

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