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Your favorite video game character

Everything is in the topic.

My best memories come with Mario and Link!

Those two are for sure legends! How about Donkey Kong
God decided that Game Interlude would be a good thing. So he made it.

Mario and Toad!!!!!!

Luigi and Daisy!

ppeeaachhhhhhhhh <3

Baby Luigi Luigi<3
Christopher A. Camacho- Cotto;action=viewthread&amp;threadid=258&amp;page=2

You know what? I\'m changing mine. My favorite character from a video game is Auron from Final Fantasy 10. :cool:
Refer to this if you have any questions.!!!/

the main character in any pokemon game.
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coins said:
the main character in any pokemon game.

I second this. Hell, I third and fourth it!

I understand that this may be a bit of a Cliché but Ocarina of Time and Windwaker made my childhood awesome, even though link never spoke, he never had to to be awesome

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