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What's your favourite console?

I would like to get a 3DS, but there are not many good games yet

justforfun said:
I would like to get a 3DS, but there are not many good games yet

Try kid icarus: uprising, definitely the best game on the 3ds, its replay value is way too high though.
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I\'ll try it. Definitely when it gets cheaper... in about a year, the price \"slices\"

My favorite is the 3ds

Sens that was my first and favorite console i like super mario world on that
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i think it is PS 3 , and PS VITA

I got a PS3, bought it a year or something ago, and im pretty happy with it.
Never played on an Xbox yet so i don't know if it is better, but it does seem more difficult xD


PS3 and Xbox are both fun but PS3 is more better

GBA of course

i always love nitendo and nitendo characters, the n64 was the console that realy marked my childrood, but the wii is my favorite right now

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