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What's your favourite console?

jamaela18 said:
Favorite has to be Playstation without any doubt.
Favorite game...Crash Bandicoot 2 <3, my first game ever!!!:cool:

Good shout for crash bandicoot! Great game =D

gba, because i play all pokemons games

I\'d go for the N64 too, Donkey Kong 64, mario 64, SSB, and the list goes on and on and on.. Even though i didnt have one myself, i\'ve played it at friends alot, making it my fav console...

Also: GBA isnt a console, it\'s a handheld ;-)

pukahuntus said:
[quote=imjeffy98]my fave console was the N64, but then we sold it for a ps2.. biggest mistake we ever made. but since the ps2 broke we have the Nintendo Wii and the ps3.

Haha, we\'re in the same boat then- regret selling my N64, PS never really matched up.
My favourite game growing up was probably either Conker\'s Bad Fur Day or Super Smash Bros Melee[/quote]

haha, apparently the people we sold it to, destroyed it the next day.

but we did get $250 dollars for it, even though we calculated that it was only worth $150.
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well my favorite console is the 3DS. and my favorite game is Paper Mario 1000 Year Door.

changed my mind, it\'s 3ds now.
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Xbox 360 is the best console I\'ve known. The Wii and the ps2 were great too.
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Mine has been the Nintendo 64. I have enjoyed very much the original Super Smash Bros, Kirby 64 and Paper Mario, one of my favorite games.
I love the Gamecube and Wii games too. But the Paper Mario series went down with the appearance of Super Paper Mario.:sick:

my is ps3 and it\'s call of duty modern warfare 2

I like NDS very much

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