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Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal Celebi o Celebi egg glitch

If you can, record it so everyone else can see someone got it on the real consoles (not just an emulator where you use can save states if you fail.

BTW GaryDos i think you should have pokemon stadium 2 to be able to release the bad-clone cause the game can\'t read/recognize them.
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If you may, also record it and upload it on the internet even if it fails. That way, we can discuss and discover exactly what to do.

i have all 493 pokes in Pokemon diamond version

This is to find a second generation successful glitch performer, Dimitrisdo

oups, sorry

dimitrisdo said:
oups, sorry

Hehe. If you have an original Gameboy Color Pokemon game and can try to perform the glitch, get us some notices. I know it can be gotten by using Gameshark, but there wouldn´t be fun in it.

its not cheating if its a glitch

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