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Pokemon challenge runs

I enjoy trying a challenge with my old pokemon games, to breathe some life back into them. Has anyone else? Which ones? List rules, Difficulty (1: Easy, 2: Moderate, 3: Challenging, 4: Difficult, 5: Insane/Why the hell did I try this?), Whether it's been completed, How far anyone's got if not, your furthest attempt, any additional notes.

The KO challenge (Accidentally invented by Kpwbo, fabricated by DarkRy)

Difficulty: 5

Notes: In a chat, Kpwbo told me about a Yellow emulator he once played, which was rather bugged, and made it almost impossible to complete. I thought they'd make good rules for a challenge.

Rules: No healing other than items unless it's compulsory (E.g. Cheryl in D/P/Pt heals after every battle you get in on first run through of Eterna Forest.) No buying items from Marts, if you black out, you lose. (Healing in pokemon centers and buying items from marts crashed the game, and as blacking out takes you to a pokemon center, that crashed it as well)

Completed: No

Furthest attempt: Nugget Bridge vs Rival.

My furthest attempt: N.A.

I find the challenges interesting, if anyone else does, please join the conversation.
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I have never attempted a challenge before, but I have seen youtubers doing it. I like the idea, but I don't feel like giving it a try.
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Very interesting. Let's see where you can go with these rules.

Note : buying items wouldn't crash the game, but since you have limited money, you can't really buy what you want. Also, it wasn't Pokémon Yellow, but Pokémon Red/Blue.

I don't have time to do something like this right now, but I'll surely try it (again) someday. Remind me of that on next Christmas.

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i think this is a great idea!everyone can battle!
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