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My Pokemon Black 2 Evolution ROM Hack

Hey Guys Ever Wanted The Pokemon That You Have To Trade For But Wifi Doesent Support DS Or Pokemon. / Emulator Doesent Have Wifi

I Have A New ROM Hack Can Be Played On R4

Link(Canceled Due To Bad internet And Download Corruption)

How To Evolve Them :
To Evolve Magmar Give It The Magmarizer
To Evolve Electabuzz Give It Electrizer
To Evolve Rhydon Give It Protector
To Evolve Onix Give It Metal Coat
To Evolve Scyther Give It Metal Coat
To Evolve Dusclops Give It Reaper Cloth
To Evolve Clamperl Give It (Deep Sea tooth = Huntail) (Deep Sea Scale = Gorebyss)
To Evolve Porygon To Porygon2 Give It A Up-Grade
To Evolve Porygon2 To PorygonZ Give It Dubious-Disc
To Evolve Feebas Give It A Prism Scale
To Evolve Poliwhirl To Politoed Give It The Kings Rock
To Evolve Slowpoke Give It A Kings Rock
To Evolve Seadra Give It Dragon Scale

Enjoy Your Pokemon Black 2 Evolution Rom Hack

If The Pokemon Do Not Evolve Please Tell Me It Might Be A Bug If It Didnt. Or Maybe You Just Did The Wrong Thing
This Rom Was Made With Pokemon ROM Changer
Pokemon Tower Defense Name For Trades:Gamingvenomous

or you can ask a friend to trade with you xd


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