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Have You Ever Owned A Shiny Pokemon?

I only have 1 thing to say though, don't say the shinies you found in any online pokemon games like PTD, pokemon vortex, etc.

So how lucky have you guys been in your pokemon games when it comes to those illustrious shinies?

I've caught a shiny nidorina in leafgreen, Shiny Zigzagoon in Sapphire, Shiny Hoppip in Firered, Shiny Rattata in LeafGreen, Shiny Tentacool in Sapphire, Shiny Ditto in FireRed, Shiny Mightyena in Emerald, Shiny Abra in FireRed, Shiny Charmander in LeafGreen, Shiny Rhyhorn in LeafGreen, Shiny Electrike in Ruby, and I got Shiny Slugma and shiny machop in trades with my cousin.

I've also failed to catchshiny rayquaza in sapphire and shiny kangaskhan in leafgreen T_T


I'm not all that lucky, my shinies are: Shiny beast trio (wifi events), shiny vespiquen (caught it as a male and edited it in a save editor to the right gender, only hacked pokémon I still have), shiny Haxorus, Shiny Garchomp and Shiny Gyarados, the last three being pretty widely available. So yeah, not too lucky here, but the events help me deal with my lack of luck.
(Also, this is my first post in ages: I will try to be more active on the forums again)
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No I just failed a shiny snorlax in my entire ptd life :3
I love burrito bison games :3
====================And HRC of course====================

No Shiny Pokemon

I know I had the Gyarados and another shiny in Pokemon silver. Only my silver game crashed cause the battery died. Can't remember who the other shiny was, but nothing special

Composer said:
Can't remember who the other shiny was, but nothing special

If it was elekid, tyrogue, Smoochum, Magby, or any other baby pokemon, then they were pretty easy to get since the odd egg's chance of hatching a shiny is like 12-15% chance. However, if it was something else, then congrats.


My only shiny in the games was the red gyarados in SS/HG. I saw a shiny drowzee once but was unprepared for it and ended up ohko'ing it with a crit. >_<

In all honesty I didn't even know that shiny pokemon existed when I was playing or that there was anything significant about them... I wasn't that involved in the games to know about them. But I'm sure I ran into a few whilst playing. I remember encountering a mankey that has something different about it when the battle started but I think I just ran away from it while I was looking for a legendary latias.

Well when I enountered shiny nidorina, I also didn't know what a shiny was at the moment, but it seemed pretty strange seeing it at a different color, and also looked awesome, so i went and (luckily) caught it. Boy you should of seen my reaction when I looked up the odds of finding a shiny XD


Nice. I was to focused on getting a legendary bird. I was getting tired of chasing it around at that point.

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