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Dota 2 give-away

Hi GI,

A while ago, I received from a friend Dota 2. This is an (beta version) online strategy game based on warcraft.
If you want to know more about the game, Google or YouTube it .

Now since it is a beta version, steam gave every player some copies that he can share with friends.

Since my friends already got Dota 2, I thought, maybe one of the people on GI would like to have a copy. I have 35 (online) copies that I can give away.

If you are interested in receiving a copy you need to have steam installed, and send me a PM with your steam name. First 35 will get a code to retrieve the game.


Offtopic: I don’t know if its allowed to post this on GI, if not my apologies.

Dota is awesome. I used to play it pretty much everyday on Warcraft III a few years ago

Yeah it is a decent game, but I usually play it with a random team, so it is always hoping for some players with any skills. If you have steam and like it, I can send you a Dota2

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