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Fortunately... Unfortunately...

Unfortunately, this was an exception

Fortunately, by then the grandma had gotten away.

(There is no exceptions when it comes to Chuck Norris)

Unfortunately, it still was an exception, and for his grandma too

Fortunately nobody cared about exceptions and they did whatever they wanted to do, and say whatever they wanted to say xD In that moment
I love burrito bison games :3
====================And HRC of course====================

Unfortunately goku killed chuck norris and his grandma, and there was no exception for them

Fortunately a trollface restarted the history and he wrote this in the first page: So, yesterday, I went to the pub with my bros.
I love burrito bison games :3
====================And HRC of course====================

Fortunately, I ate a taco.

Unfortunately, Blinky broke the chain of the game because he repeated fortunately for 2 times, so this means that we will do a ''Fortunately... Unfortunately game 2''

Fortunately, the topic creator decided to press on with this one, as there was no mention of a chain break rule.
Trifle not in the affairs of dragons-

For you are crunchy, and good with ketchup


Unfortunately, this forum will end eventually.
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