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6,000 members on GI! (+20 bonus GIPS for feedback)

hehe 6000 members

hopefully we\'ll continue to grow.. keep up the work Baritone..

I love GI!!!! whoo whoop
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i like GI because it is free and i would improve it to where PTD had achivments to earn GIPS

PTD can\'t have achievements because Sam doesn\'t have a submit your score button.
usr_img [color=#8E35EF]Super Banana Power Activate!!!

I like Game Interlude because there\'s so many games you can play here.

I\'d like for the site to get many more members. The Youtube videos that people made about the free SnD coins is what really started the increase in members. So, don\'t forget to tell your friends about GI. ^^
Refer to this if you have any questions.!!!/

i like how you can chat to your friends,play fun and exciting new games and earn gips i think it could improve if you added some more mods,ptd 2 and more stuff in the gi shop

I like Gameinterlude because it has many games.
I hope you can add more achievement.

i like gl because the games are amazing its beging to go worldwide i love it nothing can be it:nod::frown:>.>:cool:

I Love GI for the amount of games there are!!! Its AWESOME!!!! :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
I\'d like to see more achivements so we can get more GIPS

baritone (GI) said:
Yeeeehh! We are now 6,000!! It looks pretty neat, don\'t you think?

Get 20 spendable GIPS by replying once to this thread and tell everyone:

1. What you like the most about GI.
2. Something you\'d like to see or be improved on GI.

GIPS will be awarded when I close the thread in a week on Sunday, August 19th.

Looking forward in hearing from a LOT of you!
i like GI because it has lots of games to earn gips on and spend in the shop and what i think should be improved on is more stuff in the shop

1. I love the game assortment
2. Achievements for non-score related goals like in Stealing the Diamond.

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