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6,000 members on GI! (+20 bonus GIPS for feedback)

baritone (GI) said:
Yeeeehh! We are now 6,000!! It looks pretty neat, don\'t you think?

Get 20 spendable GIPS by replying once to this thread and tell everyone:

1. What you like the most about GI.
2. Something you\'d like to see or be improved on GI.

GIPS will be awarded when I close the thread in a week on Sunday, August 19th.

Looking forward in hearing from a LOT of you!
pokemon tower defense should have achevments like kill 100 pokemon and kill a rattata :cool:mg:

I really like how GI because of the great selection of games
I would like more games to have achiements

1) Gi has a solid community that is actually willing to discuss trades for PTD. Private messages put it above other trading sites.
2) Customizable avatars should be limited like sigs are, not restricted to a set group. I'm purposely an anonymous avatar because i don't like the ones available -.-

1) I like archivements.
2) GIPS for adding game.

baritone please make achievments for wacky ballz jump everything else rocks

I like this site because you have the greatest games and you could make it better by adding more achievements.

I love POkemon tower defense, and so I used this site to win some Gips, but I started to enjoy playing the games that you have here. If I could change this site, I would take several days and weeks to do it, because it is too complete.

(sorry for the double post, my bad :blush

I would like to also see more contests.
usr_img [color=#8E35EF]Super Banana Power Activate!!!

I like GI because of Tank 2012!
I would like to see more achievements.


Nice, 6000 members!

Anyways, the best part about any gaming site is, well, the games.
I would like to see a 10 SnD coin pack though.

i like ptd and what i want for this sight is like a gip slot machineand if youget three of each of the picture you win some gips
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