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New feature (+10 GIPS) - GIvatars, a new avatar system!

how do u pick the glavator..... is it out yet... if not, when will it be out?????????:wtf:

wait, im not done asking yet:
What will be some of the glavators be?
What glavators will already belong to u and wat will u have to purchase?
How much will the pics cost?
When will they come out?
Where do i change my pic currently??
When is it out?:cool:

Play Bloons Tower Defense 4.Is awesome

DiogoPerroni said:
How i get 50 free GIPS

You need to spread the word about Game Interlude in other sites. PM baritone for more information.
Crazy weeks are over, so more time to come here!!!
To bad for you'll have to deal with me here!!!

All Hail the Dark Side Clan!!!

Go to your profile and click Edit Profile.

Baritone Is The Boss Of The Website.Question.

How do you get a Glavatar and how can you claim SND COins when u get enuf GIPS?

Play The Multiplayer Mode Of The PTD

im not sure how to get the ten gips can someone explain it to me?

Justrball said:
How do you get a Glavatar and how can you claim SND COins when u get enuf GIPS?

Click your name, then click edit profile.. The GIavatars will be there..

When you have enough for snd coins you go to the shop
Theres a bar along the top that says Home, Games, achievements, Community etc etc

Pick Community then go to shop and pick SND coins
Join the best GI clan "The Dark Side" for a more enjoyable GI experience

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