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New feature (+10 GIPS) - GIvatars, a new avatar system!

thanks bartione. but do we hav 2 get a Glvatar 2 get GIPS?
also i might want a glvatar of Longcat

jamaela18][quote=devvats]:cool:mghkkcc:sick::wtf::sick:< they do not work[/quote&topic_id=235">said:

Don\'t spam emoticons and yes they work.
It kinda true what you are saying....
Christopher A. Camacho- Cotto;action=viewthread&amp;threadid=258&amp;page=2

I like the new avatars. Especially the Phoenix Wright ones. I like the idea of buyable avatars, as well.
Refer to this if you have any questions.!!!/

How do you pick your Glvatar?

pikachu784 said:
How do you pick your Glvatar?

Go to your profile and click \"edit your profile\". Then, in the image, click \"Show GIavatar Gallery\". Finally choose the one you like.
Crazy weeks are over, so more time to come here!!!
To bad for you'll have to deal with me here!!!

All Hail the Dark Side Clan!!!

Well, okay. I guess the 10 GIPS is a nice incentive to change it.

I got mine and this is awesome<3
I'm not crazy, im just not you.

Pretty cool! There should be more variety though... I know baritone will get more GIvatars created.

pikachu784 said:
How do you pick your Glvatar?

Go to your profile and click \"Edit Profile\" and you can find the avatars there.
Check my profile! =D

Don\'t really like the ones that are available right now, is there a way I can choose my old one again?
Check my profile! =D

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