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Forum Rules

We (the forum moderators) noticed that there were no real forum rules, so we decided to make this topic so everyone can check them any time they want. These are the forum rules:

Rule #1:
No inappropriate images or language. This includes, but is not limited to, pornographic images and swearing.

Rule #2:
No spamming. Spamming is making short, useless or off-topic posts. Using too many smileys in one post is a form of spamming as well. The only topics where writing short and pointless posts is allowed are the forum games. You are not allowed to post every two minutes for hours on end.

Rule #3:
No double posting. Edit your last post when you want to say something while the last post was made by you. You are allowed to double post if:
- The last post made was posted over a week ago and the topic is any topic other than a forum game or a topic in the 'Pokemon Picture of the Week'-section.
- The topic is in the 'Pokemon Picture of the Week'-section
- Or your last post would become too long (i.e. over 20 lines) if you would edit it.
Note: you may not double post in forum games.
Note: you are only allowed to double post if this doesn't violate rule #5.

Rule #4:
You are not allowed to advertise any other website, company or product, unless the creator of the topic is asking help and you are posting advice. If someone went off-topic and mentions something you could help with by suggesting something that is not part of this website, use the PM system or the chat system instead.

Rule #5:
You are not allowed to revive a topic in which no post has been made for over 3 weeks, unless you have a useful contribution (meaning you cannot revive a topic without a real purpose, like forum games), it is a 'suggestion'-topic (e.g. 'To all GI people! Ideas and suggestions for GI!') or if it is a topic which asks all members a question (e.g. 'Who is your favorite Youtuber?'), provided you have not given your answer yet.

Rule #6:
Please try to use correct English grammar. We understand that English might not be your native language, but try to formulate things clearly.

Rule #7:
Although mentioned before: stay on-topic and be nice to each other. If someone else acts inappropriately towards you, this will not be tolerated as an excuse to be rude in any way.

Rule #8:
The size of any font used in your post may not be larger than font size 7 in the editor.

Rule #9:
You are not allowed to make more than 30 posts in forum games in one day. Any posts made beyond this limit will be removed.

Rules regarding signatures:
You are allowed to advertise in your signature, but only if the thing you are advertising is non-profit and isn't inappropriate.
Your signature may not violate rule #1 or rule #8.

None of the rules may be broken, not even if one is joking. The only exception is rule #6, which may be broken if one is kidding. But only when it is a joke. (E.g. 'ME WANTS MOAR.')

If someone breaks any of these rules and a mod has not acted within a day, please PM one of the moderators.

If you break a rule, you will be warned and (when necessary) your post deleted. The severity of your punishment depends of how many times you have violated the rules and which rule(s) you have broken. You will be banned if necessary.

Thank you for reading the forum rules. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can always contact one of the mods.

The mods are:
Composer, ger80, jaany2, kpwbo and lennert123.
Please read the Forum Rules.

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Please read the 'Forum rules' carefully! The 'Forum rules' could also be chaged or new ones could be added. So also be sure to recheck them once in a while. Like mentioned above, if you have suggestions for them, you can always write a PM to one of the moderators.
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