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About people complaining about SnD coins prices and being out of stock

lukejnelson said:
wow some people are sore losers there luckey to even be able to get snd coins for free you tell them baritone

lol dude calm down. just cuz people r complaining doesint mean they r losers >.<
\"noob\" is a more appropriate word. and bartione izint telling them off. if he was he might start a fight

Noob isn\'t really the right word...Perhaps \"little kid\" is. Only (most) kids can\'t value the good things they have.
Crazy weeks are over, so more time to come here!!!
To bad for you'll have to deal with me here!!!

All Hail the Dark Side Clan!!!

i thank you admin you givng people free things we need to give you more respect!

yes, more respect, and excuses.
thank you for all you\'re doing for everyone who subscribe hier!

I think the system is fair and people should stop complaining. He is paying of his own money for your coins.... So at least make some effort then and support his website..

I am sorry to hear that your feelings are being hurt baritone. I came to this website first because of snd coins but then i got so hooked on this website i never turned back.
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I came here because of the SnD Coins but then this website was so awesome that getting SnD Coins became my second priority.

guys baritone is getting tired of everyone complaining go here to complain if u really fell the need to that is

You don't need to go anywhere to complain. No one will put up with it. So just stop complaining and just wait. Check the Shop a lot to see if

i agree im happy you can get SnDcoins here its better then paying actual money from a credit card

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